(please contact us for inventories, photos and pricing.)

 We have other systems and hardware available.

     Equipment For Sale: 
    Large inventory of Borg Joist Hangers- Very good condition.
    Large inventory of C-49 Bridge Overhang Support Brackets – Good condition.
    Very Large Inventory Of Doka Framax Xlife Panels and Hdwe – Very Good Condition. 
    Very large inventory of Refurbished Symon’s Max-A-Form – Job Ready.
    Large Inventory Of (real) Dayton C-49D Bridge Onverhang Brackets – Good Condition.
    Large inventory of Richmond 2x Joist Hangers (simular to Borg). Good condition and price. 
    Two Large inventories  of Atlas Wallspeed Wall Forms – Good Condition.
    Very large inventory of HF-96 HD Aluminum Bridge Overhang Support Brackets ( 8′ Horizontal ) and 5 1/2″ Aluminum Joist – starting to come available at the end of 2012. 
    Large Inventory of Universal Lite Wall Forms & Hardware – Good Condition.
    Large Inventory of Efco Lite Wall Forms – Excellant Condition. 
     Very well conditioned batch of Meva MEP Shoring System.
    Safety Nets with Debris Nets Attached – 20 each 20′ x 40′ Excellent Condition. 
     Large inventory HD 15″/16″ Duel Paving Forms – Good Condition. 
    Very Large Inventory Of HD 9″ Paving Forms – Fair to Good Condition. Good Price. 
    Large inventory of Garage Beam Forms – 16″ Solid Bottom – 28 1/4″ Deep. Complete with Frames and Hdwe – Good Condition – (East Coast). Large Inventory of Wadco Garage Beam Forms – 14″x30 1/4″ Split Bottom – Complete with Frames & Hdwe – Very good condition (West Coast). 
    Good inventory of C-50 Bridge Overhang Brkts. Good condition.
    Good inventory of 96″ Round Steel Column Forms- Good condition.
    NEW C-89 & C-89L Bridge Support Brackets -  Very good price in quantity.
     Large inventory of Burke Bridge Overhang Brackets (2 screws on horz.)Very good condition.
     Good inventory of Efco Round Steel Column Forms -24″, 30″, 36″42″&48″. Good Condition.
    Alimak FC-7100 Scando  650Duel Personnel/Material Hoist- 2007 Model- Enough for 40 floors. Excellent Condition-  Priced to move.
    Large inventory Symon’s Steel-Ply – Job ready – Also large inventory of cleaned Frames ready for Re-Face- Sell All Deal. 
     Large inventory of Topec Deck Fast System- Very Good Condition.  
    Very Large Inventory Of Form-Eze Truss System – Good Condition.
    Large inventory of Burke Aluminum Handset Wall Forms – Very Good Condition.
    Meadow-Burke HF-96 Aluminum Overhang Bracket- New and some used.
    Large quantity of Etobicoke (Imperial) Megaform and Hardware. Aluminum Frames in good condition but most of the 3/4″ HDO Plywood needs replacing. 
    Large quantity of Waco 100K Shoring – Very good condition.
    Good Quantity Of Efco Plate Girder – Good Condition.
    Large quantity of HD Slab Grabber Guard Rail Stanchions – Good Condition.
    Good quantity of Efco Super Stud Junior With Hdware – Good Condition. 
    Large quantity of Strickland 35K Roller Bracket Jacks. Good condition.
    Two large inventories of Anthes Steel Truss. 5′ and 6′ high, all lengths and hardware. Condition ranges from excellant to fair.
    Large Inventory of Efco Z-Beam. Very good condition.

    Equipment Needed:
    Peri Trio - Multi-Props – All Sizes.
    Rasto Wall Forms.
    MevaDec Shoring System.
    Waco Hi-Load 10K Leg Shoring.
    Dayton C-89 & C-89L Bridge Overhang Brackets.
    Dayton C-49 & C-49D Bridge Overhang Brackets.
    Efco E-Z Deck System-Efco EZ ShoresEfco E-Beam.
    Horizontal Shores – Spanall – 6′-10′ & 4′-7′.
    Aluma Aluminum Strongbacks.
    Doka Framax Panel & Clamp Wall Forms and Hardware.
    Doka Rollbacks.
    Efco Super Stud – Imperial and Metric.
    Borg or CFI Adj. Hanger Bractets.
     Titan Shoring.





Lake Junaluska, NC 28721